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15 Years 


"We all know our potential, you just need a gentle push"

Do we have what you need?.

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Oakwell House Studio

digital Media Studio

If you can vision it, we can create it!

We have a passion for turning your ideas and concepts into moving objects. Why should it stay on paper. Why not bring them to life!

A simple idea is born from a thought and that thought can be a reality.

With 15 years combined experience

in film production.

We have supported companies, solo artists, campaigners and actors to expand their horizon's and help enhance their portfolio.


We have also supplied marketing material for large events, Annual Drink Driving Videos and other campaign work. 



Email: Enquries@oakwellhousestudio.com

Leeds - West Yorkshire, UK

Mobile (07727)171098 Landline (01924) 478671

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